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The engine house currently includes:  a medium size vertical steam engine capable of running e.g., a small machine shop via a belt and lineshaft system; a 2 cylinder compound marine steam engine being restored; and a small marine steam engine and boiler setup.  The latter is easily portable for demonstrations at other facilities. 

What makes a steam engine a marine steam engine?  Steam driven equipment that is mobile e.g., a car, locomotive, or boat must have the capability to move both forward and backward.  Yes, stationery equipment do sometimes need to go in the “opposite” direction, but that is easily taken care of through a belting system with cross loop belts.  A steam engine has steam alternately pushing on the piston from both sides.  To reverse the engine just requires a little plumbing.  A common way to do this is the Stephenson value gear or Stephenson link.  Both of our smaller steam engines have Stephenson gears.  A steam engine is similar to an electric motor in that it can be both quickly reversed and for a given steam pressure/temperature/volume quickly come to maximum torque.

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