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Yes, Virginia the IIAH has a steamboat.  Many of you will remember the small steam tug owned by Robin Weeks.  It was built and outfitted by Dave and Brian Thompson in the mid 2000’s.  It was a frequent participant in the annual Lee’s Mill Fall meet and was featured on the March – April issue #46 of this publication (reprinted by permission). 


The boat has been in storage for several years and in the Winter of 2017 – 2018 was acquired by the IIAH.  It is in the process of being restored and hopefully will be steaming on the IIAH pond during the Summer of 2019 and at future Lee’s Mill events. 


The restoration includes minor carpentry repairs to the hull and a complete replacement of the steam equipment.  This will include a new boiler, steam engine and fittings.  The new engine will be a Tiny Power type M, and the boat will be rechristened “Rosie”.

Steamboat 2.jpg
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