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Another way to connect the arts with our mission are workshops in related areas. Aria Reynolds did a Fiber Arts workshop during our joint IIAH/EAIA Regional meeting in October 2018.  Aria is a mechanical engineer who spends most of the day working on robots. She is based near Boston next to her alma mater, MIT, however she is originally from the Windy City. When at home, she works at Idea Studio Needle Arts in LaGrange, IL. She teaches knitting, crochet, and jewelry making classes and loves spending time with customers and seeing everyone’s projects!


Events held in conjunction with other organizations:


The IIAH is particularly interested in promoting synergy between like minded organizations.  As an example, this past Fall we hosted an EAIA Regional Meeting.  The Early American Industries Association (EAIA) is a group of people interested in the traditional trades and crafts of early America (  A part of the meeting was a tool trade where traditional hand tools, planes, calipers, drawknives plumb bobs were for sale.  The picture above is for the Short Hill Studio table hosted by Jane Butler ( 


The EAIA members are, as you might except from such an organization, a diverse group.  They have catholic interest.  It was exciting to see the interactions between the tools people and steam or engine or antique auto groups.  We look forward to hosting more mixed events in the future.

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