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Library and Archive

The IIAH maintains a library and archive in addition to the working collection of industrial and scientific objects.  This includes books and periodicals in areas related to our mission.  We are currently subscribed to over 30 periodicals.  Steam related periodicals include:  Smokestack, Steamboating, Vintage Spirits, Old Glory, and Funnel.  Back issue over the past 20 years have been converted to PDF formats and are available for reading at the facility.  Paper copies may be checked out on a limited basis.  We also have an extensive collection of image objects (see below), model engines, artwork (prints, paintings, sculptures), image projectors and other objects.


We maintain an archive of over 8,000 image objects.  These include Magic Lantern Slides (MLS), stereo view cards, film strips, photographic negatives, and Victorian Microscope slides.  We add to these objects as they become available.  Most of these objects have been digitized using our high-resolution flatbed scanners, microscope scanners and periodical scanner.  We are in the process of creating a web-based library of these images.  High-resolution prints are available at our web shop.

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