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Buick Car

  • Last complete product year until 1946-’47 due to WWII

  • Buick was a luxury car of the time similar e.g. to a Lexus today.

  • Large cars – slightly longer that a contemporary Lincoln Navigator and weighs 3800 lbs.

  • Two carburetors, back one disconnected during the war to save gasoline, we have left it disconnected.

  • Both carburetors, 125 hp, 1 110 hp

  • Gets around 12 mpg “city” driving, contemporary Lincoln Navigator 16

  • One last outside comment. Automobiles in the 1930’s had large “vertical” grills. Note that this grill has a horizontal part. The Buick had an adventuresome design group and this grill was “Inspired” by the 1938 Mercedes F! race cars. But this is a story for another time.

  • Painted metal not wood.

  • One of the first cars to have directional signals and a heater standard.

  • Manual transmission, no starter button, as was custom, but integrated with gas pedal.


Buick 1.JPG
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