Yes, there is world beyond cruising in your steamboat on a beautiful lake in New Hampshire. There are, for example, steam engines, demonstrations from fiber artists, Hit – Miss homemade ice cream and detailed exhibitions highlighting the industrial revolution and the equipment that built this nation to name a few. 


Experience this other world at the Institute for Industrial Art and History (IIAH). The IIAH is a 501 C3 exempt museum located at 9 Village Way, North Andover, MA 01845; The museum was incorporated in 2016 and has existed in one guise or another for over 25 years. 


We are guided by the words of Theo Jansen:


“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”


(Strandbeest:  The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen by Lena Herzog, Taschen Publishing January 2015).


At the IIAH, we are advocates of the idea that the technology we enjoy today is an extension of our scientific & industrial heritage. Our mission is to help the public experience this heritage and enjoy it as both engineering and art.


We accomplish our goal by:


  • Interactive displays at our North Andover, MA USA facility

  • Restoration of antique machinery

  • programs and demonstrations at schools, meetings etc.

  • Publications in relevant journals and society meetings.

  • Open houses and workshops where likeminded people gather and share.


The collection in North Andover is divided into several areas and displayed in buildings about the 3-acre campus.  The areas include:

  • Steam engines and associated equipment,

  • Gasoline and Air Engines

  • Horns and whistles,

  • Automobiles and Automobilia,

  • Clocks and watches

  • Scientific instruments,

  • Auxiliary equipment, and

  • A Library/document archive

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