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Past Mystery objects and winnersFstP

FOR MAY 2019.

What is it???


This object is approximately 20” long by 9.5” deep x 11.5” high (maximum dimensions) and weighs approximately 15 lbs.  It is probably made of cast iron and brass.  The manufacture is known, but we won’t give it, because it is a hint.  There is brass scale on top whose units might also be a hint.  The handle on the right can be depressed moving a piece at the end of the object.


What is It?

J. Martin Wins our May Contest! Congratulations for naming the object- Printers Slug Cutter 

FOR April 2019.

What is it???

view 1.png
view 2.png


B RAVIN!!!! 

Aprils object was tricky. It is a Navy Recruiting Telebinocular made in the USA by Keystone View CO. 

Thank you to all for playing! B Ravin was the closest we had! And for being chosen at random

among the other correct responses, they will be receiving a special prize from the IIAH!  

Many people will recognize the generic use of this device.  I am looking for the use of this specific model.  Please tell us the generic use and for whom and the specific purpose of this model.  Yes, the blacked-out nameplate will give it all away.


The device weight about 8 libs and its maximum dimension are approximately 8”x12”x14”.  It was manufactured in the late 1920’s and used well into the 1940’s (maybe later).  The is a small lamp on the top of the device to illuminate objects.


Both the company that manufactured it and the company for whom it was made were well know and leaders in their respective fields.  The former is still in business and it is likely you own a product manufactured by them.  The latter was the largest company worldwide making the products it sold.  It went out of business in the early 1970’s.  You can still purchase a similar device going on a variation of the one shown above.  The IIAH has many objects manufactured by this company.


What is it?

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