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Welcome to the IIAH weekly happenings!

We have some great events planned and are very excited about 2019.

IIAH Steam DAY!!! 2019
Steam Day!!! Sunday, August 25th

Curious to see what the IIAH is all about? Then this is a perfect event for you!  All are welcome as we are open to the general public!  We will be serving free ice cream, hot dogs, beans, chips and soda! 

IIAH - What is it??? Contest of the Month


This is the first installation of our – What is It??? Contest.  Each month Austin, the IIAH Director of Operations, will select an object from the collection he thinks is interesting and of potential interest to our members.  You are invited to guess what it is and what it was used for.  Please use the form below to submit you entry.  Please enter as many times as you want.  In the spirit of the old “What’s My Line” television show you are welcome to ask questions.  Speaking of which my favorite occupations was a “saggar maker's bottom knocker”.  What was yours?


You are encouraged to provide additional information about the object, and any personal experience you may have had with the object.  For example, how you or someone you know used it.


The monthly winner will receive a unique “mystery” prize personally selected by Austin himself!


All entries must be received by the last day of the month.  In the event of multiple correct answers, The IIAH will select the winner.

FOR July 2019.

What is it???

Submit your entry 


J Martin!  Our mystery prizes for April and May are going out soon!

Mays object was a bit easier this time around.  It is a printers slug cutter. J Martin was choosen at random

among the other correct responses and will be receiving a special prize from the IIAH!  Play this months contest to be our next winner!!

This object is about 6.5” x 3” x 1”.  It is made of wood (probably mahogany) and brass.  The brass wheel is 3” in diameter and freely rotates.  The manufacture is unknown but is probably English.  It dates from the late 19th century.  The wheel has three concentric circles etched in the top and two clips for holding ??.  It weighs about 0.7 lb


The wheel easily detaches from the post and has a pully wheel on the bottom.  The wheel can likely be connected by a belt to a hand crank, or even a small engine (maybe even steam).  I wish I had one of these in my youth when I was mucking around in ponds.  It is a very simple, highly useful tool.  It requires a steady hand to use.


What is it?s