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Institute for Industrial Art and History

"The Walls Between Art and Engineering Exists Only In Our Minds"- Theo Jansen

2023 Events Schedule

We at the IIAH express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the Mass Cultural Council for awarding us a grant for our upcoming Steam Day event in 2023. Thank you very much!

No upcoming events at the moment

"DFM the Official Worm of the IIAH Fishing Derby"

About Us

At the Institute for Industrial Art and History (IIAH), we believe that our rich industrial and scientific heritage should be celebrated and explored. In a fast-paced world it’s easy to forget how we got to where we are today. The industrial revolution changed how we manufactured goods and changed the landscape with factories and railroads that built today's cities and towns. These industrial machines, tools, and objects are remarkable historical artifacts that we choose to both preserve, display, and use to educate the public.

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Discussing Books

All items in our store are from IIAH Magic Lantern Slides. Proceeds from the sales go towards preservation of collections and helping to make our programs free to the general public.


Community Outreach

Empowering young audiences to discover new things

Institute for Industrial Art and History is dedicated to putting our community first. We explore both the early and late technology advancements of the industrial revolution tying in our neighboring communities' mills and the importance they played in history. Our communities are import to us and believe everyone should have access to our past. That's why all our events are free and welcoming to all!


Our mission is to preserve our industrial heritage while also teaching from a live collection.

Our staff and volunteers bring backgrounds in physics, engineering, and sciences. With a focus on STEAM education, we highlight Science and the developments during the industrial age that moved us forward. With live demonstrations and hands-on activities we create an atmosphere that is both fun and educational. The IIAH sparks joy in young audiences as they see an old machine start up for the first time. Children begin to make connections between steam engines and railroads, or understand how a roaster chicken can be cooked on a rotisserie powered by a steam engine! Historical artifacts can be fun and wonderful, leaving our younger audiences wanting to learn more. This is what we are all about. 

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